3D Configurator

Allows you to create a customized 3D project in which you can freely insert and configure your company's products.

Desktop 3D Configurator

How does it work

The 3D configurator allows you to build a 3D environment of your desired dimensions, where you can freely arrange and configure products, resulting in output: renders, 360-degree images, and a product order list.


The Winning Partner for Your Projects

Who can benefit


To get a precise idea of how the environment they want to furnish with selected products will look.

Who can benefit


To convince the customer of the project, reassure them about the choice of products, and encourage them to make a purchase.

Who can benefit


To convince retailers to propose and sell the company's products using a useful sales tool.

Desktop 3D Configurator

What it allows you to do

It allows you to create a customized 3D project based on the customer's space and selected products.

Create Customized 3D Environments

You can build a 3D environment with the actual dimensions of the space to be furnished.

Configure and Arrange Products Freely

You can configure products by size, finishes, and colors, freely arranging them in the environment.

Automatically Generate Renders and Quotes

You can automatically extract renders, 360-degree photos, and a product order list.



Catalog of over 2000 products
Automatic Update System
Online License Management System
Room and Finishing Configuration
Floor Plan/3D View
Real-Time Lighting
Up to 4K Shots with Post-Production
Automatic Product Order List

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