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Virtual Reality and Training

We develop Virtual Reality solutions for professional training in corporate, educational, and workplace safety settings. Virtual reality allows immersion in digital work contexts and training in specific tasks, just like in real life. VR technology, supporting training, is currently the most effective tool for applying the "Learning by Doing" principle.

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Immersive Virtual Reality Welding Simulator
The Weld VR Simulator application represents an innovative training tool that allows for realistic welding practices in Immersive Virtual Reality, replicating the three most common welding processes (SMAW, Mig, Tig)

Firefighter VR SIMULATOR

Immersive Virtual Reality Firefighting Simulator
The Firefighter VR Simulator application is an innovative training tool that enables immersive firefighting practices in Virtual Reality, realistically reproducing the fire extinguishing phase using a fire extinguisher.


Immersive Virtual Reality Forklift Driving Simulator
The Forklift VR Simulator application is an innovative training tool that allows forklift driving simulations using virtual reality headsets or monitors, realistically replicating various driving exercises.

Virtual training solutions

Why Choose Virtual Reality for Training

The main benefits for companies, schools, and training institutions that choose to deliver training programs by integrating Virtual Reality solutions are:

Increased Course Effectiveness

Emotional engagement and practical VR experience reduce learning times by up to 1/3 and enhance the learning process itself.

Enhanced Course Completeness

The ability to simulate otherwise unattainable real-life scenarios allows practical application of acquired knowledge without real-world risks.

Greater Participant Engagement

Learning through simulating realistic situations significantly stimulates users, enhancing the learning process, making it fun, and incorporating gamification aspects.

The value of virtual reality in training programs revolves around two principles

Learning by doing

Learning through action. VR simulators allow users to learn how to react in a situation more quickly and retain more information after training.

Realistic Simulations in Safety

VR enables the creation of realistic (even hazardous) simulations without the need for real-life situations. This avoids the risks of real-world scenarios.

Anticipate and Conquer Future Training Challenges

Virtual reality is a technology that enables training centers and businesses to anticipate and overcome the training challenges they will face in the future.

Why Choose Our VR Training Solutions

Graphic Quality

High-quality graphics in VR-recreated environments.

Smooth Interaction

High level of fluidity in user actions in VR.

Monitoring and Final Report

Monitoring of user actions and final evaluation

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