AR Product App

Allows you to virtually showcase a reconstructed product within a real space.

Augmented Reality App for Products

How does it work

The Augmented Reality (AR) app enables, via smartphone or tablet, the selection of a product, choice of finishes, and placement within a real-world space.


The Winning Partner for Your Projects

Who can benefit


To easily choose and try out products by viewing them directly in the environment where they will be installed.

Who can benefit


To showcase products and finishes not available in the showroom to customers. Additionally, it provides customers with the opportunity to view the product in AR wherever they desire.

Who can benefit


To innovatively present catalog products to retailers by projecting them directly into their display spaces.

AR Product Visualization App

What it allows you to do

The AR Product App allows you, through a mobile device, to select a three-dimensional product, choose its finishes, and place it within the surrounding real-world space.

Virtually Place the Product in a Real Space

The ability to preview the chosen product within the desired real-world environment, for example, by trying it out where it will be installed.

Customize the Product with Desired Finishes

The capability to project the product and choose its colors and finishes in real-time, ensuring a confident match with the reference environment.

An Experience that Assures and Encourages Purchase

You can automatically extract renders, 360-degree photos, and a product order list.



Floor Recognition
Compatible with IOS/Android
Dynamic Product Lighting
Finish Customization
Smart Interface
User Choice Analytics
Instant Configuration Snapshot
Audio Guide for Product Descriptions

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