Why Virtual Reality

Experience real emotions in virtual environments

By means of Immersive Virtual Reality you can explore recreated environments by keeping a first-person perspective with an unspeakable sense of being there.
Impress your customers with highly emotional experiences

What you can do

A single tool, multiple possibilities of interaction and personalization

Explore The Scene

Take a virtual tour exploring the scene physically

Customize Materials

Customize colours and finishes of the virtual scene in real-time

Move Items

Rotate and move objects of virtual environments

Motion Tracking

The movements of your body may be captured and transferred to a virtual avatar

3D Sound

High fidelity of soundscape reproduction

Light in Real-Time

Control lighting parameters during the virtual experience

A business opportunity for your company

Discover the possible applications of Immersive Virtual Reality

Architecture and Real Estate

Communicate better your design idea by showing it in real-time to your customers

Suggest an immersive experience of your projects and verify the harmony between aesthetic, functional and practical factors with your client's needs. Whether you are a designer, a building company or a real estate agency you can show your final project and attract customers and investors from all over the world

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Engineering and Design

By the virtual BIM design you can share the technical aspects with your coworkers

Transporting your digital models in a virtual environment you can review the ergonomics, the assembly and the functionality of products or processes prior to their implementation and significantly reduce the time-to-market. The design and the virtual prototyping will save you time, reduce costs and raise the quality

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Museums and Cultural Heritage

Enhance Your artistic and cultural heritage with highly engaging tour experience

Promote the offer of a cultural site and attract new visitors by creating sensory, emotional and informative pathways. You can enrich an art gallery with interactive thematic tours, immersive storytelling, augmented contents or virtual tours and organize temporary virtual exhibitions with reconstructions of works of art from around the world

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Impress your customers by offering an interactive experience of purchase and product customization

Promote your business with brand experiences and virtual stores and attract the attention of potential customers in a simple and effective way. Whether you manage a store, a restaurant or an accommodation business you can suggest a virtual tour inside your spaces or a nice storytelling focused on many different themes

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Acquire an innovative and stimulating training methodology to simulate processes and operations in controlled environments

Simulating operations in an egocentric perspective allows learning operations and processes faster and better in total safety. Promote the virtual training of employees in the manufacturing, medical, military, aerospace, marine, automotive and many others sectors

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Realize immersive entertainment solutions and engage your customers with fun and informative experiences

With the virtual reality you can take your customers beyond the frontiers of the entertainment as we know it today. Suggest real or fantastic experiences to experience in first person with a high sensory involvement and offer immersive videos or entertainment applications in touristic info-points, cruise ships and any other point of interest

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Introduce an advanced technology to support the diagnosis and treatment of the patient

Know better your patients obtaining three-dimensional information from diagnostic imaging data. Integrate the traditional therapies for the treatment of mental disorders with highly immersive scenarios, propose effective systems of distraction from pain, and sustain the traditional motor and cognitive rehabilitation methods with virtual reality training sessions

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Promote places and dream destinations to your customers and project them in a multisensory experience exploratory

Suggest nearby and distant destinations through virtual tours and discover landscapes and cultures of a place before the actual trip. Introduce a new form of tourism marketing and suggest virtual experiences comfortably in your office or at exhibition stands, events and information points.

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One project, different devices

At any time, any place

Our virtual reality applications are designed and custom made according to the buyer needs. Each virtual experience can be performed and lived at any time on any device

Immensive Team

Raffaele Pirozzi, Co-Founder, 3D Artist, VR Developer Immensive

Raffaele Pirozzi

Co-Founder - 3D Artist - VR Developer

Aniello Pascale, Co-Founder e IVR Developer Immensive

Aniello Pascale

Co-Founder - IVR Developer

Francesco Sorrentino, Co-Founder e CEO Immensive

Francesco Sorrentino

Co-Founder - CEO

Rita Zunno Art Director Immensive

Rita Zunno

Art Director

Raffale Verde, Software Analyst e Web Developer Immensive

Raffaele Verde

Software Analyst - Web Developer

Biagio Di Ronza 3D Modeler e 3D Renderer

Biagio Di Ronza

3D Modeler - 3D Renderer

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