Augmented Reality

What is

Augmented Reality

The term Augmented Reality (sometimes abbreviated as AR) refers to an enrichment and enhancement of the perception of the real world through a series of additional digital content and inputs that allow (always in real time) for a deeper understanding of the surrounding environment.
Unlike Virtual Reality, it does not require specific headsets and can be comfortably observed on everyday devices like smartphones, tablets, or specialized screens.
Its ease of use, combined with the widespread use of smartphones, makes this technology particularly suitable for enhancing experiences in fields such as museums, entertainment, dining, publishing, and marketing with visual information, animations, and digital reconstructions.
In summary, AR enriches reality by overlaying virtual content onto the real world using devices such as smartphones and tablets.

If we were to draw a parallel, augmented reality could be compared to a mirage.

Examples of Augmented Reality Applications

The first time Augmented Reality entered the mass market's awareness was with the advent of Pokemon GO, the interactive Nintendo video game based on AR technology. Its objective is to roam the city while pointing the smartphone at certain points, exploring the virtual world to capture Pokémon.
Beyond this famous example, there are many areas where AR is utilized. For instance, in the tourism or museum sector, users can receive information about artworks and points of interest through smartphone or tablet devices. Another example in the e-commerce sector is the ability to try products in AR using dedicated apps, such as eyeglasses, lipstick, and shoes. Well-known examples include Sephora, Ray Ban, and Nike.

The Use of AR in the Furniture Industry

One industry where Augmented Reality has immediately gained significant success is furniture. In this very field, Immensive has developed an app that allows you to view bathroom furniture products in Augmented Reality.

Our Applications

Forma Aquae

The Forma Aquae app enables users to view bathroom furniture products (bathtubs, sinks, shower trays, etc.) in AR within the desired space. Users can virtually interact with the product of their interest before making a purchase, without the need to physically visit a store.
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No longer do you have to imagine how the product would fit into your space. With Augmented Reality, you can see it, try it, and compare it with other products directly from the app.