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We develop immersive virtual reality experiences for your business

What we do

We develop immersive virtual reality experiences for your business

virtual reality

Virtual Reality

By means of Immersive Virtual Reality you can explore recreated environments by keeping a first-person perspective with an unspeakable sense of being there. Impress your customers with highly emotional experiences.

mixed reality

Augmented & Mixed Reality

Augmented reality allows adding virtual content to the real world, in order to obtain information in a simple and dynamic way. Whether you think about text popups or 3D objects, Immensive can help you to create your AR app.

web - vr app

Web VR App

VR apps can be uploaded to web and accessible online by different devices, whether fixed and mobile. Today you can effectively communicate your products or projects and attract potential customers from all over the world.

vr interaction

VR Interaction & Robotics

Immensive VR apps integrate the visualization experience by an active interaction with the VR environment and a real-virtual hybrid system implementation (auditory and thermohygrometric stimuli, haptic feedbacks and much more).

Different platform & tecnologies

Our virtual applications are designed and custom made according to the buyer needs.