VR Showroom

A virtual space viewable from desktop, mobile, and VR headset, where you can explore environments in 360° and interact interactively with products.

VR Showroom

A Space for Meeting and Interaction

By VR Showroom, we mean the ability to virtually create a 3D space where a company can present itself, showcase its products, hold virtual meetings, introduce innovations, without any limits of space and time. A "place" for meeting and interaction between the company and its customers and partners.

Transform Your Business for New Realities

Who can benefit


To view and learn about the company's products. Experience being in a showroom directly from their device, wherever and whenever they want.

Who can benefit


To show customers products and finishes, both those present and those not in the showroom. Without space and time limits, online and from any device.

Who can benefit


To communicate and showcase products to resellers in an innovative way.

VR Showroom


Navigable from desktop, mobile, tablet, and compatible with all VR headsets for an even more engaging experience.

Technology is a means, not an end.

Compatibility with different devices allows you to offer stakeholders the opportunity to choose the technology available to them at any given time, prioritizing the one they are accustomed to and use without any difficulty.

Application Areas and Benefits of Using the VR Showroom


The VR Showroom is an innovative and powerful way to communicate with the public: it combines the exploration of a 3D digital space with interaction with products and digital content.

  • Much more than just a navigation space: it is a platform that allows you to establish points of contact and new modes of interaction between the customer and the brand.
  • It allows you to create your virtual industry event by welcoming the public into an immersive and interactive scenario.
  • Use the virtual space to create effective storytelling, even remotely, to tell your company's story, create empathy with your audience, and evoke emotion.


The VR Showroom is a powerful tool for your company's sales activity, capable of giving an extra boost to customer acquisition, as it:

  • Allows the sales force to present products and services remotely in a clear, effective, and engaging manner, thanks to a virtual environment with customizations and high-impact effects on the public/prospect.
  • Allows you to show the customer a virtual representation of the company and its products, supporting deal closures.

Customer Experience

Thanks to the engaging and immersive experience of the VR Showroom, you can more easily capture users' attention and stimulate sales:

  • Allowing users to explore your virtual spaces and interact with products, thus facilitating purchase decisions.
  • Making users more aware and informed about the products the company offers.

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